Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hey! Over Here!

So here I am, alive and well, at least relatively speaking. Grad school is keeping me busy. I still can’t seem to wrap my head around exactly WHY the prospective teachers in one of my classes are so ignorant. It seems odd to me that people who champion education would be so ill-educated. For example, loudmouthed girl in front row (my only friend in grad school, Jo, and I had a debate about where she was from, given her accent. Me: Maine? Jo: I think she’s just pretentious.) Anyway, loudmouthed girl in front row is discussing (loudly, from the front row) how everyone in the room MUST have had the same upbringing as she had, with supportive parents and whatnot, because we had ‘made it this far.’

“Do you just think that because nearly everyone in the room is white?” I asked. Except I didn’t ask it, I just thought it really fucking hard while one girl near the back of the room pointed out, “I grew up in India.”

Or the fact that our professor was discussing the Pittsburgh Promise and how silly it is to pay kids for doing well in school, when one of my classmates (who is a teacher) did a presentation on how she motivates her students by paying them. Guhhhhh! Plus, why do all teachers dress like they’re living in 1996? I swear, no less than three girls in my class last night were wearing ribbed turtlenecks with the gold chain pulled-out-draped-over-the-top. You know what I mean? I am only vaguely stylish at best, once a week, and I know that this is not okay.

So that’s my “stupid” class. Then I have the “smart” class where I am the dumbest person ever and I imagine that my classmates are writing blogs about MY stupidity. Ay yi yi. So that’s school.

Why am I even bothering to update my blog, you might ask?

BECAUSE THERE ARE ONLY 47 DAYS UNTIL PIRATES OPENING DAY AND I AM SO EXCITED! See? I do this every damn year. please see last year’s entry called, “My Hopes Are High.” The subtitle was more accurate.

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paul said...

Girls with turtlenecks and chains? Jeeeeeezus.