Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Hopes Are High!

Subtitle: I'm Probably a Fool.

Right now, we are coming into an exciting time to be a Pittsburgh sports fan. As you all well know from coming anywhere near this blog, I’m one of the biggest fans there is. Not in size, in heart—simply because I haven’t yet gained my yearly Pirates-weight, which can be attributed to my undying love for Iron City beer and nachos.

I weep for the Pirates each year. I begin every season with the notion that “This year is gonna be our year!” I wish the owner wasn’t such a freaking tightwad (I’ve got my eye on you, McClatchy, and so does Michael Keaton.)

I know that my devotion is 1) foolish and 2) dangerous, as my continued support of a crappy team (along with the support of all of our foolish Buccos fans out there) incites no need for change. As Michael Keaton so aptly put it last year, if we don’t rally for a better team, and we continue to put out hard-earned money into the Pirates’ less-than-mediocre pockets, yeah, we’re never gonna have a good team. Obviously.
I guess I’ve seen the “Major League” movies too many times to give up now. I just desperately want to see them finish at .500 before I either move out of this city, or die.

And now, the Pens. Going to their first post-season since 2001. Awesome! I’m pumped!

Goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, he of two first names, a soul (sole?) patch, and questionable mental capacity, (courtesy of yesterday’s Post-Gazette): "...Fleury said he was not aware the Penguins had clinched until a reporter mentioned it, although he allowed the accomplishment was ‘pretty cool.’”

Christ. I’ve been wary of Fleury ever since FSN Pittsburgh did that little bit on him and his girlfriend picking out appliances. He was all, “Yeah, you know. We might go to the mall...try to...get some stuff.” Sir, this is obviously why you block speeding pucks for a living. But right now, Marc-Andre, I’m begging you. Please don’t blow this. I know it’s not all on you. I know that some nights, our offense looks like they just woke up from a long night of drinking with their pillows drool-glued to their faces. That’s not your fault. But please. For the people of Pittsburgh, after our disappointing football season, and before our (I hope it’s not but it probably will be) disappointing baseball season, please do this for us. Make it happen. Please.

I put my happiness in the hands of this man.



5 of 9er said...

Being a baseball fan can be tough... unless you cheer for the Yankees who win everything every year. But you are lucky to have PNC and Iron City... that would make me want to move there. For now I have my White Sox and Miller Lite (doh!).

paul said...

You know, though, Marc-Andre looks like a really friendly dude. I like friendly dudes.

MattJ said...

I get NFL and I get the Hockey (obviously I am an expert now I've been to one game), Baseball on the otehr hand never fails to sedate me! I am going to give a concerted effort this year to check out the games shown over here, because I know I'm missing something somewhere! the light turned on with the NFL, I'm sure it can happen with this too - it seems a shame not to nominally support every Pittsburgh team now I like two of them!

Julie_Gong said...

I love the Buccos...should I even say it... more than the Steelers.

Please don't burn me at the stake for saying that Pittsburgh.