Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I know this happens to me every year but each year it seems to take me by surprise. Hi February! I fucking hate you. I am miserable. I open my eyes and see this (taken at my bus stop):

I don't want to go anywhere and yet have cabin fever. I hate everyone and yet, feel lonely. Goddamnit February, get off my fucking back!!

School is getting mildly better. I decided that after my provisional here is up (October) I may start looking around the University for more student services-oriented jobs. I like my job, but I am going to need the experience when we move.
Oops! I've said too much...

Anyway, fuck February.


Gene said...

So I was directing someone to your blogs and bam(!), here is a perfect "Fuck February" post. Monday I wasn't feeling it when everyone else was, but today I am.

Fuck February. Right in the ear.

Cimba said...

I agree, this month has definitely been the coldest and had the most snow and I fucking hate it. I had a co-worker that would come in every time it snowed and say shit like "I love the snow, let it snow more" and I instantly would get pissed off and bitch to them about having to drive in it.

Also, it's time for everyone to move. I'm only sticking around here for another 3 years max, then it's West Coast for me.

5 of 9er said...

Yes... but March does not seem to be much better. So can we say FU to March too?