Thursday, September 06, 2007

Football Season, Football Season, It’s Motherfucking Football Season!!

It was another disappointing year for the Buccos, though I’ll cop to watching nearly every game that I was able to. And, you know, going to a bunch and giving them my hard-earned money to continue to suck. But the fact that we played so well in August (and so far in September) does give me the slightest glimmer of hope for next year, given we don’t make any really shitty roster moves. Jack Wilson started playing like fucking magic when ownership stopped talking about trading him. Don’t trade him.

But right now, I’m not even thinking about the Bucs. Why? Because tonight begins football season. I have been waiting seven long months for this, and I feel that the Steelers are going to have a good team this year, if the O-line can keep from self-destructing. Also, I’m pretty psyched that they’re coming off a bad year for two reasons:
1) A new attitude. They went from winning the Super Bowl to missing the playoffs. What a reality check that must have been. Now they’re hungry, they have something to prove. I believe.
2) Weeding out the fair-weather fans. Hopefully, last year’s 8-8 debacle will prevent some of those irritating yinzer girls in their platform flipflops from coming out to the bar to watch the game in their pink and white Roethlisberger jersey. You know what I mean? Seriously, go root for the Pens, they were good last year and then you can feel good about getting behind a winning team. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll soon come out with pink Crosby/Staal/Malkin jerseys.
Fair. Fucking. Weather. Blah!

Anyway. Tonight it’s the Colts and the Saints, a game I couldn’t particularly care less about, especially because I think this year, the Colts are going to hit the same post-championship slump that the Steelers did last year. I may be totally off-base with this, but I don't see them being much of a threat in the AFC this year. The rest of the AFC is a different story. I'll get into this later. I mean, did you really expect a blog entry about anything but football until February?

Ooh, wait. I do have this: so, we went camping over Labor Day weekend, and I learned a lot about the outdoors, and um...roughing it, and...bringing enough beer. I have to bust out the pictures of the weekend. Camping may not be for me, but at least I gave it a shot, right?

Finally, I just overheard someone in my office say “Reesey Cups.”
Dear God, sometimes I really hate the city of Pittsburgh.


MattJ said...

Yeah I randomly picked the steelers something like 4 years ago as 'my team' when my best mate badgered me into watching the games on Sky Sports with him. I got him back by shunning his beloved 49ers and picked the Steelers on the basis that they had a cool kit, weren't doing too well and they weren't named after some stupid macho tag. ("the warrior-panther-killers!").

Anways, I've gone a bit mental this season as I've decided to try and follow properly - and if Madden '08 on the 360 is anything to go by, we are gonna beat the Saints in Superbowl by 42 points to 14 :p (after Peyton manning joins the team)

I still have no idea what's going on of course and so far there are no Steelers games on Sky's schedule - luckily there is yahoo! game pass and I also have your non-biased, reasoned reporting to rely on ;)

MattJ said...

Oh yeah - I am at the Wembley game - who should I hate least 'Phins or giants? I am landing on the side of the 'Phins even though technically a loss to them would help us out - on the other hand the giants have Plaxiglass and Eli Manning. They obviously got a two for one deal at the wanker store.

elizabeth said...

yinzers always say reesey cups. As an authority (born and raised 15 miles away from Hershey where REESE'S cups are manufactured) I can assure everyone that the cups with peanut butter inside made by Hershey are most definitely NOT pronounced REESEY.

MattJ said...

And they taste like kitty litter encased in solidified vomit. Blech! :p

elizabeth said...

and is it safe to assume we are never going camping together again?

5 of 9er said...

White Sox suck this year... worse than the Pirates. And the Bears lost the season opener. I am thinking about moving to Pittsburgh.