Thursday, September 13, 2007

Like an Episode of Seinfeld

Subtitle: The End of an Era?

Yesterday, Robbo and I took a sick day. We’ve both had nasty coughs, headaches, fevers, etc. all week, and decided to just take the day off. By evening, we were antsy from being in the house all day and went for a walk around Southside.

Allow me to preface the following with this: I was so excited a few years ago when Dave Wannstedt came to coach the Pitt Panthers. SO excited. I’d had a crush on him since he coached at Miami. It’s the moustache, it’s just so cute.

See? Cute!

In the past few months, I’d run into Dave Wannstedt all over the place. I saw him at the corner of Fifth and Bellefield when I was waiting for a bus to practice, just walking around Oakland. I saw him when I ran the Father’s Day/Prostate Cancer 5K back in June, walking the opposite way along the race route, congratulating the runners. Each time I was like, “Eeeeeeeep! Dave Wannstedt!! I hope I look okay!” Yeah, I’m a loser. Whatever.

So last night, as we were walking down Carson Street, we noticed a large group of Pitt fans facing out a storefront window (I think it was Pittsburgh Steak Company.) An instant later, I realized it was a taping of the Dave Wannstedt Show, and Dave Wannstedt himself was sitting with his back to the window. As we passed, he turned and looked out. I began frantically grinning and waving. After a moment, Dave Wannstedt lifted his hand and waved back.

Robbo: He hesitated.
Me: He did, didn’t he?
Robbo: He didn’t want to wave to you.
Me: No…he didn’t.
Robbo: I mean, he waved back.
Me: Yeah…but he hesitated.
Robbo: Yeah.
Me: I can’t believe he hesitated!
Robbo: Yeah, well…
Me: Fucking Dave Wannstedt.
Robbo: But, he did wave back!

And thus, I believe my crush died. Who hesitates before returning a wave, anyway?

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