Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Whoa, Did You Know That Michael Vick is in Trouble?!

Subtitle: Hero of the Day, Vol. 6

So, I was trying to watch Monday Night Football, and Michael Vick wasn’t even playing and all they could talk about was Michael Vick, so I guess he is in some kind of trouble, or something? I'm not sure. If anyone can fill me in on what happened, that’d be great.

Juuuust kidding. I’m so tired of Michael Vick, I wish the media would get eaten by pitbulls. I turned on Sportscenter the other day, as I do every morning, and the topics list on the side read: Vick, Vick and the Falcons, Dogfighting in the US, Prison Time?, Vick’s Career, AL Playoff Race. Yeah.

Kill me. Listen, the torture and killing of dogs makes no one sadder than me. I’d care a lot less if it was the torture and killing of, say, American corporate executives, seriously. At least there are people in the world who probably deserve it. Hmm...too far? Anyway...

I don’t want to hear any more about it. I don’t want to hear if Tony Kornheiser thinks Vick might go to jail. I don’t want to know what Suzy Kolber overheard from an animal rights activist. I don’t want to see that clip of Michael Vick OBVIOUSLY not believing a thing he’s saying in his “apology speech.” I do not want to know. Stop talking about it.

You know what I do want? I want Joey Harrington (whom I’ve always liked because he reminds me of the meathead older brother on sitcoms) to have an incredible season. People, Michael Vick was overrated! And I think Joey Harrington is way, way underrated. I think he just got a bad reputation with a REALLY bad team in Detroit.

And come on, look at him!

He’s so likeable. He looks dopey, but plays jazz piano. He goes by the name of “Joey.” That’s cool!

I like you, Joey Harrington. You’re my hero of the day! Keep on keeping on.

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5 of 9er said...

Maybe you could start the Joey Harrington fan club : PA Chapter. He is supposedly a really good musician too.