Tuesday, November 13, 2007

An Open Letter to the Pittsburgh Pirates, Part 345843

Dear Pittsburgh Pirates organization in general, GM Neal Huntington in particular:


So. You guys hired a new manager, huh? (Hint to readers: it wasn’t me.)
So um, tell me. Why did you pick this guy? I mean, didn’t you fire him a few years ago for NOT BEING ABLE TO TELL WHEN PLAYERS SHOULD RUN FROM THIRD TO HOME?! Sounds like a quality candidate to manage the entirety of this team.

Mr. Huntington, this was your first major decision as the Pirates’ GM. And you know what? It fucking stinks. Why did we pick this guy? Because he was one of the cheapest options. When will this organization learn that buying cheaply gets you nothing? I guess never. Thanks, Nuttings.

My beloved Pirates, it’s been a decade and a half. You’re losing us. I’ll still be there at Opening Day, probably clutching a sign that says We Will! (Be Better This Year? Please?) But as hard as it is for me to say this, I already dread this season. I want to believe that things will be different, but it seems that nothing has changed but the faces. The attitude is the same, and that attitude (the frugality, the cutting corners, the acting as though winning doesn't matter) is a dangerous thing. If things don’t get better—- I don’t know. It’s hard for me to say, “I won’t be there,” because I love baseball so much. But why should I believe?

Help me, Pirates. I don’t wanna feel like this.

All my love and lots of sadness,


MattJ said...

On the other hand, how awesome was Big Ben on Sunday?! That game was all about him and I take back all the bad things I've said about him.....until next week! lol!

Flying out for a home game next season I hope.

I did watch some of the World Series after the dolphins game at wembley, I still don't really get the appeal of baseball lol!


I have the most more awesomer chicken curry recipe in the world now - and by recipe I mean - one wot i made up :p

5 of 9er said...

At least you have PNC... suck a beautiful place, even if the team blows. They'll turn it around some day.

Chuck said...

I have always maintained the reason PNC park was built so small was not that we are a small market team but it would make a kick-ass AAA level ballpark. You watch, attendance will keep falling and the Nuttings will split to greener pastures then a AAA team will come in.
Then we will be on par with Buffalo.
I will weep the day it happens.
PS, The Sriracha sauce KICKS ASS!!!!
I love it.

Anonymous said...

Let's get one thing perfectly clear: the Pirates aren't moving anywhere. The Nuttings make money before the first ticket is ever sold. They will coast like morons forever.

Nobody loves the Bucs more than me and I'm absolutely, positively heart sick over their fate.