Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Recap (Super Big Picture Post!)

So, here's everything that's happened over the last month or so that I haven't covered on this blog. Because, let's face it. You want to know what I am doing every single second. Seriously.

Robbo and I celebrated an anniversary--he took me out on the town, nothing but the finest for me.
See also: Dee's has the cheapest PBR pitchers in town.

Then, we got dinner. I mean, it was a big night.
MMMM Vesuvio's!

Then we went to three other bars, and then we somehow made it home. This is us in the kitchen. The picture isn't out of focus, that's just really how we look. Please also note Mr. Poopies having a 2AM snack behind us.

A few weeks later, we were lucky enough to get to go to the Steelers/Eagles preseason game.
Sometimes I'm not sure how I live with him. BOO EAGLES! GO STILLERS!

One of the amazing things about this town is our obsessive love for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a phenomenon I've talked a lot about on this blog. The tailgates for this preseason game looked like a playoff game. The excitement was almost tangible:

We are also lucky enough to have wonderful friends. RJ & Nicole:

Steelers won, of course.

Mama's a drunk.

Then, over Labor Day weekend, I made my first camping excursion.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't mind sleeping on the ground, dirt, bugs, things like that. It just seemed silly to me to load up two vehicles to the point that we couldn't possibly fit another object in order to 'get back to nature.'

To be fair, it was beautiful along the Youghiogheny River:

Meet your new neighbors!

We got there, and the Lizzard and I sat down, let's not lie, we were having a drink:

...while our boyfriends did the rugged, outdoorsy thing:

Things at the homefront are good, too. The kitties are well:

And my hibiscus is still blooming:

So. Life ain't so bad, huh?

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Chuck said...

You and Robbo make a nice couple.