Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Shit Just Ain't Going My Way


Have you ever had one of those weeks where every possible thing that could go wrong, does? It's not even major stuff--well, not really. One fairly big thing:

-I didn't get a job that I had done two interviews for and really, really wanted. I thought I had it wrapped up (alternate choice, my ass. Alternate THIS, BITCHESSSSS!)

And then, just a series of minor things:

-I discovered a package of Ramen noodles on the floor of our pantry with a corner chewed off and a bunch of the noodles gone. This means one of two things: either living with me has shorted a fuse in Robbo's brain, or we have mice. My money's on the mice.

-There is an odd smell emanating from the kitchen that I can't find the source of. Can I blame the mice for this, too?

-Steely McBeam. Seriously, I'm not even going to bitch about Steely McBeam because you've heard it all before. You know damn well why I hate him. I'm just going to chalk him up to one of the shitty things happening this week.

(Taken from a notboto board poster.)

-I'm back to not sleeping much. But on the plus side, I've watched about 20 episodes of Ninja Warrior this week.

-I decided to take a short break from running, since I was putting all this ridiculous pressure on myself and had stopped enjoying it. I realize that this is conscious choice and not something that "happened to me," but it's making me a little crazy nonetheless.

-I'm hormonal. What do you want? At least I'm not crying at Stouffer's commercials anymore.

I am, however, crying at the Pittsburgh Pirates. You assholes really let me down. I'm glad I never made the CAMP RONNY sign because as I was typing this entry, I saw Ronny Paulino make a play (or more accurately, NOT make a play) that looked less professional than the Little League World Series. One more year of failure under our belts. Is it too soon to say that? No, I don't think so. Thanks for being just one more disappointment. Turds.

It's only Wednesday. I bet I forget to wear pants to work or something.

One totally awesome thing happening this week:
Tomorrow night (Thursday), the Maxipads are playing at the Firehouse Lounge in the Strip District.

From their website: "The Firehouse Lounge is a distinctive nightlife experience for those who appreciate a sophisticated yet casual environment."

Yeah. Sounds like it's MADE for us!

(Yes, all three of us are wearing dresses.)


Thomas Leturgey said...

My son and I absolutely LOVE Ninja Warrior!

There was the beastly woman who fell into the drink immediately after setting foot on the dancing stones.

What's up with Celebrity Athletes? And why don't we have any?

How bout' that World's Strongest Fisherman?!? His big sister fell into the pond of filth and leeches.

We have about six episodes on the DVR we have to catch up on. Oh, sssh, I think it'll be on again soon!


Woy said...

Sonofabitch! If it were any other day tomorrow I'd pop by after work to check you guys out! Instead, I'll be golfing in a lightning storm and probably getting zapped to shit.

a day in the life... said...

you look killer in this pic lady:)

Cimba said...

sounds like you had a mouse and it ate some ramen and then promptly died somewhere that you can't find its body. Get ready for a ghost mouse to haunt your home.